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Gospel as blues, the way you, me, John Hammond, David Lindley, Charley Musselwhite, and two guys from Richard Thompson’s band like it. A little manipulative, but just the thing to play Sunday morning without compromising your religious principles the Blind Boys’, which were never the same after they experimented with pagan ritual in The Gospel at Colonus. The opener equates glory with a brand new Ford, and the crowning touch is the conversion of “Amazing Grace” into “House of the Rising Sun” is that now “Son”? A MINUS.

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He also argues that keeping embryos indefinitely frozen “is tantamount to killing them.” Except that frozen embryos are not children they have the potential to become children. Embryos do not need to be fed, nurtured, put through school, taught to tie their shoes and sent off into the world to prosper independently once they become adults. Embryos need to be kept in a freezer at a certain temperature and that can be done indefinitely..

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