Adam Rowe adds a small blanket to the gift bag he is working on

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replica hermes bags We got everything together and divided it up to make 44 bags, one for each of the assisted living residents 40 women and four men and all the items would be evenly distributed,” she said.The large, heavy paper grocery style bags donated by The Butcher’s Block in Southaven were decorated by the students with markers, crayons, scrapbooking paper cutouts and tied closed with ribbons threaded through holes punched through the top of the bags.As he decorated his bag, fourth grader Ryan Terry said he worries that the seniors might not get enough presents and that he really hopes the gift bag he was working on helps.”I think they like to play games and do puzzles Hermes Replica Bags, so we got books full of those. I know when we are there with them we’re going to have a good time Replica Hermes,” he said.The activity also counts toward the 15 hour per year community service hours requirement for the NEHS students.Adam Rowe adds a small blanket to the gift bag he is working on while Taylor Cook continues to decorate the gift bag he will fill. (Photo: Raina Hanna). replica hermes bags

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