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ACEANDROID: Nah we didnt say that what Indian and Pakistan team has done in the past has been undone because you lost a series against us although fan from these 2 countries are acting like they have lost everything. Also if you wanna take pride for beating an associate or ranked 9th team (Which were when you beat us) than feel free to do so. Trouble is you people came up with all sort of arrogant comments like your school team can beat us blah blah and now you are whining because we beat your main team.

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Once the cards have both heated up, near the end of span of time in question, the 290X’s clocks drop down to nearly match the R9 290’s. During those moments when the clocks almost match, the only real performance difference between the two is a small amount of texture filtering and shader computing power. Now, this is just one scenario.

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