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In conjunction with Tompkins County Waste Management, Dryden Grange will sponsor an informational meeting to bring awareness to the Food Waste Drop Off program in the parking lot east of the old town hall. This program not only provides a convenient place to drop food waste (including vegetable and fruit scraps, meat, paper plates, napkins and bones) Replica Designer Handbags, but also provides free attractive containers with plastic liners for those who wish to participate in this environmentally safe program. To noon.

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According to the Seattle Post, which ran a special investigation on the case in 2003, some of the ex Daewoosa employees resident in the city remain concerned about the 90 workers who were sent back to Vietnam. Many have lost their homes to loan sharks who lent them money at high interest rates to go abroad and are still being harassed for money owed. Most, including those who now live in the US, have not received back pay and damages.

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Enviroplast, a start up recycler in Richmond Fake Bags, Va., will be showcase for Italian recycling machinery from Govoni Spa that’s so automated it’s said to need only one operator. “We intend to demonstrate close to ‘zero contamination’ processing,” says Dr. Partner, International Food Machinery, Richmond.

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